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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do. Noone should pay for what you haven't seen or tested. Every new user gets a free 30 day trial period. Simply create an account and we will contact you once the trial end is approaching.

Do I have to pay for every portfolio company I onboard?

No. We charge you one fee and that is based on your assets under management (AuM).

We understand that the available budget is linked to the management fees which are linked to the assets under management. We don't want to charge early stage investors with many portfolio companies but very small fund volume in terms of AuM more than a fund of the opposite characteristic. That wouldn't be fair and defeat our main mission to make Private Equity the most sustainable asset class.

Do you offer team accounts?

As many people from the investor team can have access to the platform as needed at no extra cost.

Where does the name Tekudo come from?

As we are often asked about the meaning of Tekudo, here is a little description of what it means and why we chose it as our company name:

Tekudo is the melting of Japenese artist's name Tetsumi Kudo (1935-1990). Tetsumi, who witnessed the devastating effects of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as its negative long term impact on society and nature, made this topic his life project. He depicts the relationship between humanity, nature and technology. His works are small models of the situation he calls our "new ecology", a visualization of a self-created swamp of polluted nature, technology and decomposed humanity and humanism.

For many an unknown artist, his work speaks directly to today's topical agendas. His works are poignant articulations of how human actions have changed the planet's ecosystem. In Kudo's grotesque, provocative models of our new reality, humanity has lost control of the technology we have created and the nature we have polluted. The human body was decomposed into fragments that live on as a new species in

Kudo's small cultivation environments - in bizarre symbioses with plants and electronic components.Kudo was a child when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. This primal experience of powerful human destruction and pollution is a central point of departure for his art. No less important is the increasing chemical impact on the environment and the rampant production and consumption in the modern age.

Inspired by his relentless work to shine lights on the fatal potential of the intersection of humanity, nature and technology and its problems that can arise from an unsustainable misuse we decided to use his name as it perfectly describes the mission we we are on: making the e-business industry a better world by utilizing the power of technology and incentivising those who do good.

I am an early stage VC. Does it make sense to integrate ESG?

Implementing ESG in an established company is hard work and not something done over night. Just as important as it is to build a software platform that scales, it is to build sustainability into the core of the company so that it scales with it too.

500 Global, one of the largest American early stage investors worldwide with over 2bn USD under management is a great example of it.

It doesn't have to be and certainly shouldn*t be complex for early stage investors. Browse our early stage investors that we have based on industry peers and expert knowledge

Can I automatically repeat the data collection for every period?

Yes. We are always building the software with the needs of the investor as well as portfolio company in mind. You decide on the cycle, e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc. and the software automatically triggers the portfolio companies to provide the data.

How do I know Tekudo is the best solution out there?

We are on mission to make Private Equity the most sustainable asset class. We have spent months with the early adopters in this space, are part of the ESG interest groups, we are partnering with academic research organisations,... In short, we make sure we are up to date, because private equity markets are very different from public equity markets.
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