Who is Tekudo?

A Copenhagen-based tech company on the mission to make private equity the most sustainable asset class.

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Pascal Franke presenting Tekudo at the Canute program in Berlin

We are passionate about sustainability and making an impact. We are firm believers that sustainability should be built into a company's DNA from day one, i.e. your culture, how you operate, what your north star is, etc. Building a tech company, anything you do needs to be scalable, and so does sustainability.

Therefore we think of sustainability as a natural aspect of our company that needs to be built on scalable rails. We are not perfect either but we have high ambitions and are constantly learning and improving.

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But see for yourself, we let the data speak as we believe in data transparency to foster accountability and eventually also fight green-washing. Only what gets measured gets changed! Feedback is always welcome.

Meet Tekudo

Venture Capital and Private Equity to a large extend are financing and building the companies of tomorrow. Therefore, they carry an extra responsibility and are vital in building and growing sustainable companies where sustainability is ingrained in their DNA and built on scalable rails. We at Tekudo, are on a mission to change to make Private Equity the most sustainable asset class.

Investors increasingly want to build more sustainable portfolios, for various reasons, and founders care about building resilient and sustainable businesses. So the momentum is there, yet there is inertia due to the complexity of the problem and lack of experience and skills in the field.

So we set out to simplify and solve that problem. Tekudo was born. We have since shaped the idea into an evolving product together with leading industry experts within sustainability, the investment community, Limited Partners and policy makers.

We know that we can’t change the world over night but we are determined on our mission to help investors and companies on their sustainability journey and to create a more transparent and sustainable world where consumers, investors and businesses are empowered to make conscious choices.

We believe we can achieve this by our main principles: simplification and transparency.

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